Update: The Shutdown of the Federal Government and what it means for you

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Government, USA
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As Republicans and Democrats continue their battle of dick measuring here is a detailed Q & A of how you are going to be shafted by Federal Times.com

What a shutdown would mean for you

With no agreement yet in Congress on how to fund agencies after the continuing resolution expires March 4, the threat of a government shutdown appears likely. The Federal Times staff researched your questions about how pay, annuities, benefits, facilities, technology and contract work would be handled during a shutdown. Here’s what we found out:

Q: What happens when the shutdown begins?

A: You’ll probably have to go into your office briefly Monday, March 7 (or earlier if you work on the weekend) to receive your instructions. If you’re an “excepted” employee, you’ll keep working. If not, go home and wait for further instructions.

Pay and benefits

Read rest of article at link

Federal Times research by Sarah Chacko, Nicole Blake Johnson, STEPHEN LOSEY, Andy Medici and Sean Reilly



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