What the Hell is Mexico doing operating in the US on US soil

Posted: February 28, 2011 in USA
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Oh no here we go, all we need is another sovereign nation coming over our border. It’s bad enough we as a sovereign do not respect sovereign rights of other nations and operate outside of our borders and in theirs, but now Mexico seems to be getting away with coming in. It would be the same as a two states of the USA sharing a border and cops have agreements saying a “special zone” is declared that each agency can operate within.

Possible Mexican Military Incursion On U.S. Soil

Possible Mexican Military Incursion On U.S. Soil
Reported by: Polo Sandoval
Last Update: 2/15 9:18 am

MISSION – CHANNEL 5 NEWS is exposing what appears to be a Mexican military incursion into the United States. It was all caught on camera. We froze surveillance video taken at the Anzalduas International Bridge.

What you see is the international boundary that separates the United States from Mexico and what authorities on this side of the border seem to think is a truck packed with armed men crossing into the United States. The video clearly shows a large military-transport vehicle drive north on the Anzalduas bridge over the international boundary.

We counted at least a dozen armed men in the back of the truck. The vehicle travels down the bridge toward the U.S. Customs checkpoint. Its driver makes a U-turn just before reaching the lines of cars there. It then starts back south toward Mexico. The men pull over and search a vehicle for a few minutes then resume their trek south. The presumed soldiers then cross back over the boundary toward Mexico.

They are in U.S. territory for about 10 minutes. We’re taking a closer look at the vehicle they stopped on the bridge and what U.S. authorities have to say about this apparent incursion.


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