Another Win, REAL ID pushed off for almost 2 years

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Government, USA

All we need is more big brother, sister and overwatch

REAL ID Buried for Another 20 Mos., But Not Dead

Written by Michael Tennant   

Like zombies in a bad horror flick, ideas for federal power grabs never die. Regardless of how much resistance they encounter from states and citizens, the feds just keep resurrecting these unconstitutional schemes. Such was the case with nationalized healthcare, first attempted in 1943; and such is now the case with REAL ID, the nationalized identification card.

Enacted in 2005 with no debate in Congress whatsoever, the REAL ID Act mandates that state drivers’ licenses and other ID cards comply with federal standards. It “links state DMV databases, establishes a standard bar code that can be digitally scanned, and mandates that original documents such as birth certificates be verified,” in the words of CNET’s Declan McCullagh. Once the law goes into effect, possession of a state-issued REAL ID card will be de rigueur for boarding an airplane or entering a federal building. As McCullagh further notes, “Extending it to firearm and prescription drug sales has not been ruled out.”

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  1. jim varney says:

    yea, more big brother.

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