Saudi Arabia ramps up its anti-revolutionary efforts. Deploys thousands of troops

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Middle East
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Great article on the spreading Middle East Revolution

Saudis mobilise thousands of troops to quell growing revolt

 By Robert Fisk, Middle East Correspondent

Saudi Arabia was yesterday drafting up to 10,000 security personnel into its north-eastern Shia Muslim provinces, clogging the highways into Dammam and other cities with busloads of troops in fear of next week’s “day of rage” by what is now called the “Hunayn Revolution”.  

Saudi Arabia’s worst nightmare – the arrival of the new Arab awakening of rebellion and insurrection in the kingdom – is now casting its long shadow over the House of Saud. Provoked by the Shia majority uprising in the neighbouring Sunni-dominated island of Bahrain, where protesters are calling for the overthrow of the ruling al-Khalifa family, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is widely reported to have told the Bahraini authorities that if they do not crush their Shia revolt, his own forces will.

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  1. remainingnameless says:

    These are scary times. I wonder how this will affect the area and what the outcome will be? Another thing that stands out is “day of rage”.

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