Another prediction about Japan Earthquake

Posted: March 11, 2011 in The Mysterious
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Freak OUT! This person had a dream notice the date of the post in FEBRUARY with precise accuracy! This is scary

A Vision March 11-13th, 2011  
2/23/2011 9:27 PM

Alright, I might as well put this out there. I need to do a little foreshadowing.
Most of my story and stories of others are documented in a book titled “Untying the Karmic Knot” by Diane Morin

For a few reasons I decided to visit a psychotherapist in Feb 2009. After several months of traditional therapy my therapist suggested some alternative methods.
A long time practitioner of Past Life Regression, she convinced me to give it a try.

Now I am still skeptical of PLR, I can’t decide if it is indeed a real event, or a cumulation of subconscious thoughts to aid our mental well being.

I went through my first session in September 2009, wow! What am amazingly surreal experience. I was in a state of awe for a few days as I digested what I had experienced. My second regression was a month later in Oct 2009. This time the experience was revealing.

After my romp in the past life, my therapist took me to the spirit world where I met with my spirit guide and the Council Of Elders. Amongst many things talked about, the primary focus was to get prepared for major earth changes. My therapist was guiding me through this discussion asking my spirit guide many questions.
Keep in mind, I had never heard of Nibiru, Solar EMP’s, The New madrid Fault, etc.. I did know about Yellowstone, which led me to this site a couple weeks ago. I was googling the disappearance of earthquakes on the usgs site and found this site. It turns out many others have noticed earthquake readings disappearing.

The highlighted topics are as follows:

The date the Earth changes begin – March 11-13th
Type of changes – Massive earthquakes, flooding on coastal areas, and volcanoes. All of which occur over a 2 week period I saw the United States ripping apart, Yellowstone erupting, not a massive eruption like on the movie 2012, more like a large crack in the earth at Yellowstone that spews tons of ash. Coastal areas are gone, under water. Most of the Mediterranean countries under water.
At least 4 months of cold and darkness.
19 months of trial and tribulation
Casualties – 70% of Earths population have chosen to leave.
January 2013 – A new state of enlightenment for humanity. AKA peace on earth
Many other things were discussed like how to prepare myself, family and friends for the changes.

I did question my therapist on the validity of these visions, and all she could tell me was that others have seen similar events all within the same time frame ~ 1 year.

I hope these visions turn out to be absolute crap. Nothing would make me happier (even tho I will be stuck with thousands of gallons of water, hundreds of pounds rice, beans, etc..)

You can give me as much shit as you want to, I am also skeptical. However, I have prepared just in case. I’d feel like a jackass if something happens and I am not prepared knowing what I know.

Peace and love


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