France recognizes the resistance against Gaddafi as the legitimate government

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Africa, Europe


Libya: France recognises rebels as government

France has become the first country to recognise the Libyan rebel leadership, the National Libyan Council (NLC), as the country’s legitimate government.

But other members of the European Union held back, with a spokesman for the EU’s foreign affairs chief warning against “rushing” into decisions.

In another development, the Gaddafi government said a captured Dutch helicopter crew was being handed over.

Nato chiefs have also been meeting in Brussels to discuss Libya.

Separately, a search was under way in Libya for a missing reporter for the UK’s Guardian newspaper, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad.

The award-winning Iraqi journalist entered the country from Tunisia and was last in touch with the paper through a third party on Sunday, when he was on the outskirts of Zawiya, which saw heavy fighting in recent days.

‘Unilateral rush’

The office of French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Paris regarded the NLC as Libya’s “legitimate representative”.

Mustafa Gheriani, a representative for the rebels in their eastern stronghold of Benghazi, said he expected other EU members to follow suit.

But a spokesman for the EU foreign affairs chief, Baroness Ashton, said: “We cannot unilaterally rush into recognising groups.”

The foreign ministers of Italy and Spain emphasised the need for the EU to act with one voice.

“Italy wants a European decision that everyone shares unanimously because that’s how we act credibly,” Italy’s Franco Frattini said.

Spain’s Trinidad Jimenez said: “The possibility of this recognition must be the result of agreement among all of the countries of the European Union.”

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  1. Jaacov says:

    Baruch Hasjeem, Gaddafi just released the 3 Dutch helicopter crew. He is a dictator and have to leave, but will it ever happen???

  2. jos says:

    I think like most captains of a ship Jaacov he will go down with it. He is going to fight tooth and nail ’til the end. As far as the 3 dutch I don’t know hopefully there will be some updates and he is smart and releases them. I Netherlands invades for declaring war on their citizens.

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