It PASSED! Wisconsin runs by dictatorship not vote!

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Government, Politics, USA
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Well if people were marching and protesting off the prospects of a bill, what will happen now that Wisconsin Statehouse passed the bill without the Democratic opposition being present, and loads of workers petitioning against it? I’ll tell you what?! Shit WILL HIT THE FAN!

Wisconsin Legislature strips state workers of bargaining rights

The Republican-led Wisconsin Assembly passed a bill to bust public workers unions Thursday afternoon, after Republican state senators managed to bypass Senate Democrats who fled the state and pass the legislation Wednesday night.

The bill to strip public employee unions of collective bargaining rights was passed by a 53 to 42 vote in the Assembly and will now head to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s office.

Walker said he would sign the bill into law “as quickly as we can legally.”

In mid-February, 14 Democratic state senators left Wisconsin to avoid having to vote on the budget repair bill. There are 19 Republican senators, but the Senate needs a minimum of 20 members to be present to debate and vote on any bills that spend money.

While the 14 Democratic senators remained in Illinois, Republican state senators removed all references to spending from the bill and passed the proposal to limit public employees’ collective bargaining rights.

Rest of story here:


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