Damn Tea Party it was only a matter of time

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Government, Politics, USA
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Before their Fascist loving ways showed. The Tea Party candidates weren’t really against the last group of politicians and it shows the more they vote on bills and create or sponsor them. They were really against the fact that the last group of politicians weren’t sharing the piece of the “railroad the US citizen” pie.

Tea Party Cements Patriot Act Into Place

Written by Bob Adelmann   

In light of recent extensions of the Patriot Act, it can be concluded that many Tea Partiers are reneging on parts of the Tea Party agenda. Of the 41 Tea Party-backed candidates, 31 voted to extend the Patriot Act, eight voted against it, and one did not vote. As John Tyner stated at Lewrockwell.com: “Despite the eight nea votes, Tea Party-backed candidates overwhelmingly backed an extension of the Patriot Act.”

It took Congress scarcely six weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to write, deliberate, and then overwhelmingly pass the Orwellian-named USA PATRIOT Act on October 26, 2001, and the Bill of Rights hasn’t been the same since. In its chilling summary of the law, Wikipedia noted

The Act dramatically reduced restrictions on law enforcement agencies’ ability to search telephone, email communications, medical, financial and other records … expanded the Secretary of the Treasury’s authority to regulate financial transactions … [and] expanded the definition of terrorism to include domestic terrorism, thus enlarging the number of activities to which [the Act’s] expanded law enforcement powers can be applied.  

From its inception, government agents are now free to “search a home or business without the owner’s permission or knowledge [and use] National Security Letters (NSLs) which allows the FBI to search telephone, email, and financial records without a court order … including library and financial records.”  

The Act has 10 Titles, the most onerous of which is Title II, entitled “Enhanced Surveillance Procedures.” It covers all aspects of surveillance of suspected terrorists, including American citizens, who may, among many other activities, be engaging in “computer fraud or abuse.” The unconstitutional powers granted under this Title allow government agencies to gather “foreign intelligence information” from both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens. Niceties such as “probable cause” are addressed through the creation of a special court (FISA, or Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) which, when asked, will “approve” fishing expeditions if there appears to be the slightest suspicion of illegal activity, far below the “probable cause” requirement under the Fourth Amendment.  

Title II includes the infamous “sneak and peak” warrants, “roving” wiretaps (without having to name the suspect or his location), and the ability of the FBI to determine, without permission, “the patterns of U.S. citizens. ”

Title V is the home of National Security Letters (NSLs), which are a form of administrative subpoena now frequently used by the FBI to “demand” that a specific entity or organization turn over various records and data pertaining to individuals. There is no probable cause here, nor any judicial oversight, and the terror is compounded by a gag order that prevents the recipient of the demand to inform the individual that his rights have been violated. Ex-FBI agent Michael German said: “What the national security letters do is allow them [the FBI] to collect information about people they don’t suspect of doing anything wrong.”  

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