Update on Japan Earthquake

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Asia
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I’ve been watching CNN on alot of this event over the weekend while on vacation. They keep using several confusing numbers to make it seem not so bad.

The Japanese authorities are not disclosing everything as well.

I then turned to Fox News which had reported some pieces of the puzzle not published otherwise.

Here are several things being manipulated:

1. The earthquake shifted Japan 2.4 meters. What this means to Americans is 8 ft. This means Japan literally is 8 feet to the left or right of where it originally sat. Let that sink in. If the earth shook so strong it moved your home 8 feet from it’s original location you would be in awe. This earthquake moved the whole country of JAPAN EIGHT FEET!

2. Changed the earth’s axis by 10cm. Last year during Chile’s life changing earthquake, it shook the earth so hard it shift the earth’s poles/axis by 3 inches. Our day shortened from 24 hours to 23. something. This earthquake shifted our axis by another Four Inches. 10 centimeters is just shy of 4 in. This can cause some weather changing drastic results.

3. The official body count is 1830+ but 2000 bodies have been discovered. But they only keep showing you 1800+ dead bodies. It’s worse than this. The body count is up to almost 4000. There are still 2500-10000 people still missing. The thing with a tsunami is it washes things out to sea. This means these “missing” people are actually dead never to be found.

4. Japan says everything is A-ok with the reactors. As where the news has reported through other Japanese officials there has been officially 2 partial meltdowns and possibly a third now.

5. Radiation is under control and at “ok” numbers”. Yet the US Navy evacuated people to up to 200 miles away because 17 workers were detected wtih radiation, and are now having to scan people.

Some serious numbers are being hidden, manipulated and played with. Could we possibly see 4 Chernobyls?


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