Potassium Iodide, Nuclear Fallout, Nuclear exposure and Seaweed

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Mother Nature
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Hey folks.

There is alot of concern about the fallout reaching the United States and Canada (mostly British Columbia area), and there should be concern.

One thing I’ve learned is never trust officials. Because it is usually officially bullshit. Another is propagandist will tell you both sides of the story in the same sentence and end it with everything is fine, because as a human that is the last you hear.

Reactors are fine, high levels of rads and nuclear fallout, but nothing to be worried about as it is contained. First of all you can not contain fallout, fallout means that is nuclear steam or ash/radiation is in the sky and possibly could hit a jetstream.  Any type of high levels of rads / radiation will cause cancer or kill you. It is never okay.

It is like the old “peace and security” “feel safe”, then a war breaks out.

So I wanted to post this to give some…well, tips to be prepared. See I post this not to be a fear monger or to scare the living hell out of you, but to possibly prepare. Even if it helps ONE person.

Radiation will come to the USA and Canada. Radiation levels are unknown. The situation (or SITREP) is unknown in Japan and by the time anyone finds out is too late. SO PREP PREP PREP.

Alot of buzz about Potassium Iodide. One thing I’ve also notice is that consumers are getting things confused as well. You want to buy Potassium Iodide, not Iodine. Table salt is not going to help you.

Once again no ones if the rads will be harmful or deadly until it happens so this is just advice.

One thing you want to do is speak with a doctor or your doctor about Iodide. It can have an effect on your thyroid. There are people out with thyroid diseases or issues. Last thing you want is to prepare and then cause a medical concern due to thyroids.  But the best, I believe, alternative and really primary prep is seaweed.

Seaweed food and Brown Rice. Add to that the miso soup. Microbiotics came out during the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings. Long story short, patients in hospital were trapped due to bombings of World War II. The only thing they had to eat were forms of Brown Seaweed, Brown Rice and Miso soup. After studying these individuals after this atrocious ordeal, they checked out in good condition compared to all those who were “burnt” on the inside due to the rads.

Run a search on Brown Seaweed. Pills are good for fast intake, but brown seaweed and brown rice which are both boiled and ingested is the best. If you decide to get some pills, break the capsules into a glass of water and take for faster blood soak. Don’t wait for the capsule to break down.


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