Obama will say no to budget extension woohoo!

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Government, Politics, USA
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I love it when politicians get into a pissing match. While we Americans sit and suffer, they decide how much money of ours they will steal and spend misappropriately.

Dems: $4 trillion dollars

Reps: No no $2 trillion dollars

Paul Ryan: All of you are insane, here is a budget from 2 years ago, when it was only in billions.

Both Parties: Are you insane?!

I am glad Obama will veto it. These budget extensions are Bullsh-t! Let’s come to an agreement and get it done. The democrats failed to do this which was thier job during election time. And republicans don’t want to do it after all the lies they made (I mean campaign promises) and look like the spenders they now are. I say let the US government shutdown. The country will probably be able to function properly without Big Brother, DAD, Big Sister, MOM, and Uncle Sam constantly making decisions for us and breathing down our necks.

Y’know when we were teenagers, we were all dying to get the hell out of the house. Now, it seems when it comes the government to take place of our parents and WORSE! We beg for it!

Obama threatens to veto GOP budget extension plan


By ANDREW TAYLOR, Associated Press Andrew Taylor, Associated Press 18 mins ago

WASHINGTON – House Republicans advanced a bill Thursday that would avoid a government shutdown for one more week, cut spending and fully fund the Pentagon, but the White House labeled the measure a distraction and said President Barack Obama would veto it.

Obama said in a statement he believes “we need to put politics aside and work out our differences” on a spending plan that covers the government through September, when the current budget year ends.

The president has signed two short-term extensions, but negotiations have proceeded fitfully.

The veto threat marked a sour turn in talks that Obama, House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday night were showing promise.

With a partial shutdown looming for Friday at midnight, it was not clear whether it represented a breakdown in the negotiation or a final round of maneuvering before a deal was struck.

Obama called Reid, D-Nev., and Boehner, R-Ohio, back to the White House for more talks Thursday afternoon.

Before departing the Capitol, Boehner urged the House to pass legislation to cut $12 billion, fund the Pentagon through the end of the year and keep the government running for a week.

“There is absolutely no policy reason for the Senate to not follow the House in taking these responsible steps to support our troops and to keep our government open,” he said.

Boehner accused the White House of backsliding, adding that there hadn’t been as much progress as it appeared after the late-night meeting Wednesday.

“It’s really just more of the same. We’re going to have real spending cuts. I don’t know what some people don’t understand about this,” he said.

Reid said otherwise, although he, too, made it clear he wants to avoid a shutdown that the White House says would cause problems for combat troops overseas and delay Internal Revenue Service refunds for taxpayers at home.

“The issue is ideology, not numbers,” he said.

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