Qaddafi destroys oil fields

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Africa, Government

Usually this is a sign of a last ditch effort. Anyone ever notice into all the countries we invade illegaly, the leaders at the time will destroy the natural resources? Are Americans so stupid, that they don’t realize the country we are invading is destroying these natural resources as so our Mega Conglomerate Multi National Corporation friends can’t get to them and profit off of them?! Do Americans know our military guards poppy fields in Afghanistan? Poppy fields which are a multi billion dollar industry and a natural resource to it’s country. And in Iraq we deply airborne and air assault soldiers not first to enemy lines and battle but to oil lines?

Gaddafi Starts Bombarding His Own Oil Fields

Submitted by Tyler Durden

Back in February we were wondering how long before Gadaffi starts a scorched earth policy on his own country, and primarily his oil infrastructure, in a repeat of Hussein’s non-triumphal departure from Kuwait. Turns out the answer is about a month and a half. With it now becoming painfully clear that the whole purpose of the humanitarian intervention is to procure preferential terms of oil imports from Libya’s rebel alliance, the “humanitarian” force has forgotten that despite no airplanes, Gaddafi will likely not take too kindly to not collecting revenues from what he perceives as his natural resources. From the FT: “Oil production in rebel-controlled eastern Libya has stopped after troops loyal to Muammer Gaddafi bombarded several oilfields, the opposition said on Wednesday. The assault came hours after the rebels exported their first cargo of oil into the international market, potentially opening the door to millions of dollars of funding to sustain their uprising against Colonel Gaddafi’s 41-year rule. The attack against oilfields in the east was the first against production facilities. Previously, only port facilities and crude oil storage tanks in the Es Sider and Ras Lanuf, also in the east, were damaged during the conflict.” We are confident that this escalation will give NATO the caed blanche to commence a land-based campaign and prevent further infrastructure destruction before Gaddafi causes irreparable damage to even more facilities (although Halliburton naturally couldn’t care less).

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