Welcome to Global SHTF!

In this blog we discuss utter chaos that plagues our world from mother nature events, to politics, to religion. We cover news on a global scale but do focus on specific countries alot. Enjoy, read, and PLEASE comment!

Terms of Copyright. I like to make it real simple black and white

1. If it is a repost, I can not give you permission on anything. As under Fair Use I can only link and post an article to be open for debate or critique.

2. If you submit an article and I post it, it becomes exclusive to this blog and it’s owner.

3. This is not a subscription news site. This is a blog and opinions of bloggers that take part in it.

4. If you like my original articles where you did or did not submit the article, you can repost it in other places, but must give a link back to the blog’s website address (ex. www.globalshtf.wordpress.com) and credit to it as well.

5. If you RSS feed or ping the original articles here, see rule number 4.

6. I believe in free speech and free press and the distribution thereof on intellectual property.

  1. Jaacov says:

    Legalize it Just In Amsterdam, controlled by the local koffieshops, don’t give the monopoly to the big medic industry.

  2. Jaacov says:

    Thanks for the link, blog is great and up to date

  3. Jaacov says:

    Alien abduction?….that explains a lot now

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