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While we worry about our stock in GE, and GE gets special tax privileges. That’s right GE pays no taxes by order of Obama. Plus we feel soooooo bad fo GE, dey lost all der weeactors (child’s sad voice). GE technology at it’s best in Japan right along with TEPCO. While 1000’s of people are dead and being affected by the nuclear radiation just bursting forth from the reactors, we care about stocks. While millions are affected by these meltdowns because they drink the WATER!!

I called this when it first happened. When the news reported they were rushing seawater in, I said “Well where is it coming out? It has to be going into the water table eventually”. But see that is something people don’t want to think about. They hear the news and say “aight, everything is taken care of”. Well it came out in the news, millions of Tokyo-ites can’t drink the water nor shower or brush their teeth.

But who are the only people to deliver aid and help to the Japanese? General electric? Nope. Tepco? Nope. US? Nope. It was that “evil” organization the Yakuza. Bringing the citizens into the mountains and delivering bottled water and other supplies.

Don’t believe it is GE’s design? Look here.

Don’t believe all we worry about is the corporate conglomerate?

You ever play marbles? Well that’s what the earth has felt like for the past couple years and it’s only getting worse if this video predicts what’s is about to happen correctly. There will be a shaking like no other! The Tsunami in Japan and Nuclear fallout disaster will be of memory if this true. The gravitational pull of this passing “heavenly” object will catastrophic.