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Oh no! This is real bad news for the government. As this will affect how many bombs they can drop on countries now as missles and bombs all contain around about 14% silver. The price of silver should go on up, as the supply has basically dropped by a large number. BUY silver! BUY BUY!

Third Largest Producer Of Silver Says Production Is Now “Totally Paralyzed” Following Week-Long Strike

Submitted by Tyler Durden

In news that should move the precious metals market, we learn that the world’s third largest producer of silver (as well as zinc and lead) has announced its production is now totally paralyzed. From Reuters: “A week-old strike at Bolivia’s San Cristobal mine has totally paralyzed production and exports of silver, zinc and lead, a union leader said on Wednesday. San Cristobal is the world’s third-largest producer of silver and the sixth-largest producer of zinc, according to Japan’s Sumitomo Corp, which owns the mine.” For those who recall basic central planning economics this means that silver should plunge immediately, and should react even more adversely on news that crude supplies in the US are surging. After all, oil supply demand is far more critical to silver price discovery than the actual supply of a metal that unlike gold, is used in various industrial and peacebringing applications (see Operation Odyssey Dawn).


Mainstream media is even picking up on yesterdays news. When the central banks that run the country don’t want our dollar and just shred it, it is something the private citizen should take notice. Buy silver, buy gold and pass this along to a friend.

Morning Note: Gold Replacing Dollar as World’s Reserve Currency?

By: CNBC Producer Catherine Holahan /

$105 per barrel oil. Cotton prices at record levels. Food prices at 2008 highs. Typically, such commodity price increases would send central banks running to the U.S. Dollar to secure the value of their savings. After all, the dollar has been the reserve currency since World War I.

But not this time.

Central banks are shedding dollars [DXC1  76.395    -0.09  (-0.12%)   ] , reducing their holdings by about $9 billion in previous quarter, according to Nomura Securities’ Jens Nordvig, global head of G10 FX Strategy.

What are they buying instead? Gold [GCCV1  1419.30    -6.90  (-0.48%)   ] .

The yellow metal hit a fresh record high this morning, while the dollar index dropped to a 15-month low. The news had Fast Money’s Brian Kelly looking to add more gold and silver longs to his portfolio Thursday morning.

“What is working is gold, silver [SICV1  37.15    0.101  (+0.27%)   ] and oil [CLCV1  103.96    -1.44  (-1.37%)   ] ,” said Kanundrum Capital’s Kelly. “I wish I had more.”

Gold and silver have become the inflation hedges of choice for some investors. Gold hit an intra day high today of $1,448 per ounce. Silver is trading at 31-year highs, hitting an intra day high of $38 per ounce